The Twentieth Century Memorial Museum operates as a memorial, educational, collection-making, and awareness-raising institution. Education is an important area of our activity. We are currently working on a new exhibition and at the same time we prepare accompanying programs for pupils and students of schools of all levels.

Starting from March 2020, the situation is significantly affected by the closure of schools due to the pandemic. The traditional form of education has been replaced by distance learning. In the current situation (without permanent exposure) we are concentrating on the preparation, implementation and offer of various educational programs.


On the occasion of the anniversary of the events of 25 February 1948, the Twentieth Century Memorial Museum prepared an educational on-line program February 48. The program includes a documentary film conceived as a historical walk through Prague and a discussion with the historian Jan Kalous. The program was presented on 18 February 2021 in cooperation with a Secondary Industrial School of Prague – Smíchov.